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The Senior Class


Rockville High School

announces its

Commencement Exercises

on Thursday, the sixth of June

two thousand and fifteen

at seven-thirty in the evening

Indian Stadium

Rockville, Maryland



The Class of

two thousand and ten

of the

Rhinebeck Senior High School

announces their

Commencement Exercises

Friday evening, June seventh

at eight o'clock

Grant Street Stadium

20 North Grant Street

Rhinebeck, New York



As seniors, we all have our own ambitions

our own kind of dreams to pursue

But wherever our separate pathways

take us,

we'll always be the

St. Cloud Class of 2015

Come celebrate our achievement

on Friday, the seventh of June

two thousand and fifteen

at seven o'clock in the evening

High School Stadium

398 Greenboro Road

St. Cloud, Minnesota




Please come celebrate

We would be honoured

if you could join us

for a Graduation Party

in honour of our daughter

Vicki Ann

on Friday, the thirty-first of May

at eight o'clock in the evening

29 South Street

Atlanta, Georgia

Cindy and Lewis Carrington



The Senior Class of

Denver High School

announces the graduation of

Robert T. Landon

on Wednesday, the fifth of June

two thousand and fifteen

at six o'clock in the evening

Denver High School Field

408 Renson Avenue

Denver, Colorado


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